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Modern Quilt Designs

Professional Longarm Quilting


Nestled in the western mountains of Maine, and also the Lincoln Lakes region of central Maine, Modern Quilt Designs is a longarm quilting business owned by Nadine Villani, a nationally award winning quilter who has been sewing quilts since 1987.

I became interested in quilts in 1987, when I fell in love with a Dresden Plate quilt featured in a magazine.  Not knowing the slightest bit about quilting, or sewing for that matter, I turned to the local quilt guild for assistance. My enthusiasm was well received by the experienced quilters, and soon I was cutting my teeth on a Double Irish Chain.  Being a first generation quilter, I was thankful for the local guild to guide me through the process. I still have that same spark of enthusiasm 30 years later.

Since those early days I have continued to be an active quilt guild member, and share my experience and knowledge with others. I have continued to hone my sewing skills over the years, and focused intently on free motion quilting on a domestic machine.The desire to expand those skills to bigger quilts led to the purchase of 2 longarm sewing machines.  I have spent the last 6 years learning the ropes of free hand and computerized longarm quilting.

Awards for Quilting

2018-- Purple Passion 1st Place Maine State Quilts. Un fraise a' Paris 3rd Place  Machine Quilters Expo

2017--Queen of Tarts 3rd Place Machine Quilters Expo, Celestial Radiance 1st place Houlton Maine Quilt Show, Honorable Mention Maine Quilts

2016-- Stardust1st place Houlton Maine Quilt Show

2015--Captain's Wheel 1st place Maine State Quilts (longarm quilting customer quilt) Queen of Tarts 3rd place Maine State Quilts

2014-- Ski Patrol  3rd Place Maine State Quilts(featured on this page)

2014-- Sew Out Loud  2nd Place Maine State Quilts, 3rd place Vermont Quilt Festival

2013-- Texting While Sewing  2nd Place Maine State Quilts, 2nd Place Vermont Quilt Festival

2012-- Stuck in the Box  3rd place Maine State Quilts, 3rd place Vermont Quilt Festival, .

2011--Flight Around the Moon  3rd Place Maine State Quilts


Surf's Up falling diamond pattern published in the Spring 2015 issue of Fresh Quilts Magazine.

Kaleidoscope pattern published in the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Fresh Quilts Magazine. You can view a Kaleidoscope quilt on the Gallery page.

Quilting is my passion, and I look forward to sharing that passion with you and your quilt. I sew with a computerized Gammill Statler Stitcher, Glide or Superior Thread, and Hobbs 80/20 batting. My studio is smoke free. Turn around time is generally 1 to 3 weeks for edge to edge designs.  I am able to accommodate quilts measuring  up to 144 inches wide, by any length.

If you have pieced tops that need to be quilted, drop me an email or give me a call. My contact information is available on the next page. Be sure to check out my gallery of photos too!