General Guidelines for Pricing:

Edge to Edge (pantograph) Quilting

This style quilting features one design that repeats from one side of the quilt to the other, covering every square inch. I have many designs to choose from and will work with you to decide which is perfect for your quilt. This is the most economical way to finish your quilt and has the quickest turn-around time.

Quilting starts at 2 cents per square inch, and increases depending on the complexity and density of the design. I offer an economy overall meander pattern for 1.8 cents per square inch.

Custom Quilting

This style quilting is based upon on the specific design of the quilt. Each part of the quilt is quilted separately featuring a variety of motifs and designs. This may include block designs, borders, background fills and stitching in the ditch. Custom quilting involves more time to complete, and increases the cost of quilting.

Custom Quilting starts at 3.5 cents per square inch and increases based on complexity and density of the designs.

Heirloom Quilting is available, such as  for Judy Neimeyer patterns, starting at 5 cents per square inch.

Thread and Batting

Thread cost is 2.00 per bobbin for Superior & 3.00 per bobbin for Glide.

Color changes are 5.00 per color, starting with color number 2.

Hobbs 80/20 batting is 12.00 per yard.

​Hobbs Tuscany Wool batting is 18.00 per yard

Show quilts are usually quilted with a layer of 80/20 and a layer of wool batting.

How to calculate cost of quilting

Example:  Quilt measuring 45" x 60" = 2700 square inches.

2700 x .02 = 54 dollars for quilting.

Layer and Baste for Hand Quilting

1.6 cents per square inch

Minimum Fee


General Labor --(labor other than quilting)

25.00 per hour

This includes repairing popped seams, squaring up backing, ironing etc.

Payment for Services

I accept Paypal and personal checks. Payment needs to be received before quilt is returned. My Paypal email is

Maine Residents will be subject to 5.5% tax on supplies only.

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