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Modern Quilt Designs

Professional Longarm Quilting

Instructions for Preparing your quilt

Please ship your quilt in a box large enough for return shipping.

Please mark the top of your quilt and backing with a safety pin.

Quilt backs need to be 4 to 6 inches wider on all sides of the quilt.Please trim backing to this size. Do not send oversize backing that needs to be cut to size upon arrival. Example: pieced top measures 50x50, backing needs to measure 58x58  up to 62x62 inches

Make sure your quilt backs are squared up on all 4 sides.

Using the selvedge edge for the top and bottom is fine. Tearing your fabric on the straight of grain is fine for the sides.

If you seam your backing, please make it a horizontal seam (from left to right). Vertical seams (up and down) tend to sag on the rollers and are difficult to keep from puckering. 

Make sure all seams on the quilt and backing are strong enough to be stretched on a frame. Back stitch outside seams so they do not get pulled apart.

Iron quilt top and backing. Press backing seams open. Fold neatly.

The same color thread will be used on top and in the bobbin, so bear this in mind when picking out backing fabric.

When adding borders to your quilt, measure the length and width of the quilt and cut the borders to fit. If you don't measure and just sew  them on, there can be as much as 6 inches of extra fabric per side! When this quilts on the frame, that extra fabric will have to be folded in, resulting in pleats.

Please trim all loose threads off the back of your quilt. This is well worth the time, especially if using light fabric. You don't want a red thread showing through white fabric.

I quilt with Hobbs 80/20 batting. Hobbs Tuscany Wool is also available.

Do not send batting with your quilt. 

Every quilt will naturally shrink 1-6 inches on the frame. This figure depends on the density of the quilting and how thick the batting is.

Please send an index card with your name and contact info inside the box with the quilt. I will email or call you when your quilt arrives.

Quilts will be return shipped via USPS with tracking numbers. Insurance is optional. MQD will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged quilts during the shipping process.

If you live in the Greater Skowhegan, Madison, Sugarloaf, Lincoln, Old Town, Bangor, Sherman, Patten area, and would like drop off or pick up service, please email or call so we can work out arrangements.